Research Interests

  • Power Quality Improvement
  • Smart Grids
  • Power System Stability and Power Electronics


  • Xu, Y., Lu, W., Li, C., & Aslam, W. (2018). Sensitivity of low-voltage variable-frequency devices to voltage sags.?IEEE Access,?7, 2068-2079.
  • Rafique, S. F., Zhang, J., Hanan, M., Aslam, W., Rehman, A. U., & Khan, Z. W. (2018). Energy management system design and testing for smart buildings under uncertain generation (wind/photovoltaic) and demand.?Tsinghua Science and Technology,?23(3), 254-265.
  • Design of New Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Symmetrical DC-voltage Source.International Academy Publishing (IAP), (Vol 10 (2018))
  • Siddique, A., Hassan, M. W., Aslam, M. K., Aslam, M. N., Xu, Y., & Aslam, W. (2018). A Prototype Model for Generating Electricity Using Solar Parabolic Dish, Stirling Engine and Solar Tracking System.?vol,?10, 308-317.
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