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Building strong and sustainable societies based on peace, justice and equity is not only the necessity of human beings but also it is question of survival for their future generations. The foundation of a society is laid on well-defined values, norms and beliefs, devised carefully by social scientists in the light of past experiences, keeping the collective future of humanity in consideration. The focus of our Social Sciences faculty is to create a multi-disciplinary body of knowledge while taking into account the major pillars of a modern society. Faculty of Social Sciences comprising seven academic departments and one school which offer graduate and post graduate programs. With its 4632 students, 200+ full-time and visiting faculty, wide array of programs and research areas, the faculty is continuing to pursue its academic objectives.

Degree Programs

We are a hub of excellence with our diverse and varied degree programs to engage the academic community in advancing knowledge and stimulating learning to help our students to become leading scholars and practitioners.


Our innovation in research is the true reflection of our distinguishing position as a higher education institution. We provide a pathway to our faculty and research scholars to bridge together laboratory research, commercial potential, and solution-focused innovation.


UOS values all the collaborations from across the globe to define and strengthen its academic orientation.


At UOS we are proud of our accomplishments. Together, faculty, students and staff contribute to create an amazing experience. Here are just a few reasons why UOS is the top varsity in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.




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