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Welcome to WWIC! A thriving hub for innovative startups and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Waheed Wain Incubation Center (WWIC) is an initiative of University of Sargodha, in collaboration with Wain Foundation, providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, with the purpose to foster innovation, entrepreneurship and growth. The center is dedicated to provide a supportive and dynamic environment to nurture the growth of innovative startups by providing them with the resources, guidance and networking they need to thrive. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur with a promising idea, or a startup looking to scale your business, WWIC empowers your dream to turn into reality.

Through two (02) cohorts per year, the center provides a supporting environment and essential resources to transform ideas into successful ventures. Each cohort is designed as a business support process that helps speed up the successful development of newly formed and emergent companies by providing entrepreneurs with a selection of pro-active concentrated guidance, value-added support, and access to critical tools, information, coaching/training, networking opportunities, resources and services.

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To develop an entrepreneurial culture and capacity by creating progressive ventures and enterprises, thus upgrading Pakistan’s economic competitiveness.


Nurturing startup companies and young firms by helping them to grow and survive, when they are most vulnerable. .