UoS holds a seminar on "Prevention of blasphemous material or activities on social media ''

Published On: 18 Mar 2024


Sargodha, March 18, 2024. University of Sargodha organized a seminar on "Prevention of blasphemous material or activities on social media ''. 
Riaz Shad Co-Curricular Forum and Directorate of Student Affairs jointly organized the seminar which was aimed to address the challenges posed by the misuse of social media and foster dialogue on effective strategies for prevention. 
Prof.Dr.Mian Ghulam Yasin, Pro VC UoS, underscored the importance of upholding freedom of expression while recognizing the boundaries of respectful discourse. 
He also emphasized the need for constructive dialogue and mutual understanding to counteract the spread of divisive content online. He further said that our collective responsibility lies in fostering an environment where diverse perspectives can coexist harmoniously, without resorting to derogatory or inflammatory content.
Dr.Feroz Ud Din Shah highlighted the complexities surrounding the regulation of online content and stressed the significance of striking a balance between protecting religious sentiments and safeguarding fundamental freedoms. He further emphasized the importance of upholding religious harmony and tolerance in the digital sphere.
Nouman Yasir highlighted that policymakers, technology companies, and civil society organizations must collaborate in devising effective solutions that respect both freedom of speech and religious sensitivities. By fostering dialogue and promoting digital literacy, we can empower individuals to navigate the complexities of the online world responsibly, he concluded.