Governor Baligh Ur Rehman confers degrees on 29,456 UoS graduates

Published On: 21 Dec 2023


The Governor Punjab Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman conferred degrees upon 29,456 students during the 10th convocation of the University of Sargodha (UoS), held on Thursday. The ceremony was significant as it marked the graduation of around 64.5 percent girl students out of the total student population.

The ceremony was initiated in a ritualistic manner, with the entrance of the academic procession presided over by the Chancellor Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman accompanied by the Chairman Higher Education Commission Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Vice Chancellor UoS Prof. Dr. Qaisar Abbas, and Deans of eight faculties at the convocation venue.

As many as 81 PhD degrees, 1098 MS/ MPhil/ MSc (Hons)/ LLM, 12,713 MA/MSc, 4741 BS/ BSc (Hons)/ BBA, and 10,823 BA/ BSc/ ADP degrees were awarded to the students from faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Social Sciences. Moreover, 277 students with distinctions were honored with medals.

In his convocation speech, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Qaisar Abbas expressed his gratitude towards the Governor of Punjab, the Chairman of HEC, and other distinguished guests. He congratulated the students, their parents, and teachers, on their achievement. He said “The ceremony marks the academic zenith and prestige of the University of Sargodha”, adding that the number of degrees being conferred upon the graduates is a testimony to its tremendous achievement in the tertiary education sector of Pakistan. He also encouraged students to be pioneers of positive change, adopting a mindset of innovation and discovery. He also shared key progressive reforms implemented during his first year as Vice Chancellor, and ambitious future plans as well.

Governor Punjab Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman extended heartfelt congratulations to the graduates and scholars, stating, “Today is a day of joy and success for the students.” He expressed hope that the graduating students, through their unique research capabilities, would contribute significantly to the dignity of institutions, teachers, and the value of degrees earned. Governor Baligh Ur Rehman emphasized the fortune of Pakistan, boasting a large youth population, stating that the youth are the most valuable asset for any nation. Furthermore, Governor Baligh Ur Rehman highlighted the imperative use of fact-checking in the era of disinformation to counter the exposure of youth to false narratives across digital platforms. He applauded the efforts of the University of Sargodha in the skill development of the students. He appreciated the efforts of the Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Qaiser Abbas to promote academic culture with an emphasis on the commercialization of the ideas generated by students.

Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman of HEC, praised the University of Sargodha's journey, and said that securing the second position in Punjab and the third in Pakistan reflects the university's strides in the right direction. He urged students to embrace a positive and constructive role in society, emphasizing the importance of higher education in national development.

After the formal ceremony, students celebrated their achievements with enthusiasm and fun-filled activities.