Dr Iram Uzair has done PhD & M.Phil form University of Sargodha, Sargodha,
Pakistan. Previously, she served as Teacher at The City School Network, Sargodha.

Research Interests

  • Equity & Widening Participation in Education
  • Management and leadership in Education
  • Learners’ psychology & Learning


  • Ramzan, M., Uzair-ul-Hassan, M., Parveen, I., & Aziz, T. (2017). School Choice Autonomy-A Source of Generating Inequities in Pakistan.?Journal of Educational Research,?20(2), 184-200.
  • Uzair-ul-Hassan, M., & Farooq, S. (2017). Teachers' Politeness as a Predictor of Students' Self-Esteem and Academic Performance.?Bulletin of Education and Research,?39(1), 229-243.
  • Parveen, I. (2014). Schools? Leadership and Employees? Work-engagement: Evidences from Secondary Schools.?Pakistan Journal of Education,?31(2).
  • Uzair-ul-Hassan, M., Parveen, I., & Riaz, M. (2016). Active and Receptive Behaviours of Trainee Teachers and Students during Teaching-Learning Process in Classrooms.?Journal of Educational Research,?19(2), 15.
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