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As a hub of assistance, libraries are providing on-the-spot consultations and supporting information literacy for advanced research. We offer a variety of innovative and comprehensive degree programs that include the competencies and skills essential for a library and information science professional to perform at a high level of proficiency. Our students acquire a steady foundation in contemporary library, archival, and information science theory, along with expertise in information extraction under the supervision of well-informed faculty. We aim to mentor our students for leadership in whatever field of information work they choose to enter. 


To become leading contributor towards modern business economy in the era of globalization through excellence in academics and research.


Grooming future business leaders by employing best of human resources and technology to produce business intellectuals, professionals and entrepreneurs to meet local and global challenges.

Degree Programs

Our diverse and varied degree programs are designed to uplift research aptitude and instill skill based knowledge to cater the needs of job market.



At SU we are proud of our accomplishments. Together, faculty, students and staff contribute to create an amazing experience. Here are just a few reasons why SU is the top varsity in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.




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Research Publications


Our innovation in research is the true reflection of our distinguishing position as a higher education institution. We provide a pathway to our faculty and research scholars to bridge together laboratory research, commercial potential, and solution-focused innovation.

Faculty Members

Our resourceful faculty, efficient in providing opportunities for research and mentoring, is devoted to enrich the institutional heritage of quality education, thus, creating a substantial academic experience for the students.

Our People

Living and working across the globe in myriad professional positions, our alumni are torchbearers of the integrity of our institution as well as an inspiration for the generations of students at Sargodha University.

“I am fortunate to be an alumnus of the Information Management department, where I was able to earn a life-changing experience. The place is welcoming and it still feels like home to me.”

Farha Deeba at East London, UK
M.Phil 2012-14

“It was a great time, spent at Sargodha University. I was able to learn not only my subject but gained life-long experiences about teaching as well as learning.”

Abdul Baqi at University of Balochistan, Quetta
M.Phil 2014-16

“My experience at the Department of Information Management was excellent. I gained a lot of knowledge, cooperation, and respect. I think everything was fine, especially the academic environment. ”

Fayyaz Hussain at Librarian University of the Punjab, Lahore
M.Phil 2015-17

“The faculty and the supporting staff are devoted to provide us ample opportunities for learning, innovation and research through versatile pedagogical schooling. ”

Rahim Jan at Khushal Khan Khattak University, Karak (KP)
PhD 2014

“My experience at the department is a blend of excellence in academics and co-curricular exuberance. The faculty without a doubt is the torchbearer of leadership and assistance to the students.”

M.  Javed Iqbal at HEC, Islamabad
PhD 2019