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Hostel Committees

During stay at the hostel, the boarders are encouraged to share responsibilities with the Administration by participating in the following committees on a volunteer basis:

Mess Committee

The function of this committee, comprising student representatives, is to manage the dining system on a non-profit basis under the supervision of hostel administration. For providing wider participation of students in the functioning of the Mess, the student members of the Mess Committee are changed each semester. The Warden shall be the ex-officio Chairperson of the Mess Committee. Student members shall be nominated by the Superintendent. The duties of the Mess Committee are as follows:  

  1. To ensure the quality of food.
  2. To decide the weekly menu for a month in consultation with the hostel administration.
  3. To resolve the problems of boarders pertaining to the mess and menu with the help of administration.
  4. To review the mess attendance.
  5. To keep a check on the Mess Store.

Hostel Maintenance Committee

It is the responsibility of the hostel management to look after and take care of the general maintenance and cleanliness of the hostel. Hostel Maintenance Committee will consist of hostel Warden / Superintendent, hostel admin staff and boarders representative.

Events Committee

This committee is responsible to arrange different functions inside the hostels, including Annual Dinner, Milaad, Annual Sports, etc.