Dr. Hafiz Bashir Ahmad has done PhD from University of Bordeaux, Pessac, France. Before that,
he completed M. Sc. (Hons.) from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Previously, he
served as Water Management Officer under the project “National Program for Improvement of
Watercourses in Pakistan” (NPIW), Department of Agriculture (Water Management Wing),
Punjab, Mandi Bahauddin.

Research Interests

  • Plant Ecophysiology
  • Tree and Forest Responses to Environmental Changes


  • SHARAZAR, W., SABIR, M., MEHMOOD, Y., AHMAD, H. B., & ANWAR, N. (2012). Estimating Productivity Differential and Constraints in Wheat Production: a Case Study of District Faisalabad, Pakistan.?Journal of Agriculture and Social Sciences (Pakistan).
  • Ashraf, E., Iqbal, S., Haider, S., Ansari, S. U., Noorka, I. R., Raza, A. B. M., ... & Ahmed, H. B. (2009). Needs Assessment for Small and Medium Scale Farmers in Closing Vicinity of the University College of Agriculture, Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan.?Int. J. Agri. & Appl. Sci,?1(2), 110-114.
  • Ahmad, H. B., Lens, F., Capdeville, G., Burlett, R., Lamarque, L. J., & Delzon, S. (2018). Intraspecific variation in embolism resistance and stem anatomy across four sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) accessions.?Physiologia plantarum,?163(1), 59-72.
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