International Centre for Punjab Studies


Key functions of ICPS will be as follows:

  1. Founding research journal of Punjab Studies in Pakistan
  2. Offering fellowships to national and international scholars to be resident at the centre
  3. Formulating research programs in collaboration with international institutions through MOUs with esteemed institutions.
  4. Increasing access to online archival resources in Pakistan on Punjabi literature through digitization
  5. Organizing research conferences at national and international level
  6. Establishing Punjab Studies Central Library with focus on Punjabi books with a dedicated section for audio-visual archives.


  1. Sargodha university will become centre for the preservation of Punjabi language, literature and culture.
  2. Punjabi society would be connected to future economic and resource planning for mega projects like CPEC.
  3. Centre will provide Punjab policy road maps to state institutions.
  4. Research papers would be published and disseminated to government and local and global business investor groups.
  5. A comprehensive study on Punjab history would be taken into account.
  6. Punjab studies will be aligned according to the international academic standards.