Directorate of Student Affairs

Code of Honor

The Directorate of Student Affairs ensures the implementation of the following code of honor among the students:

1. All Muslim students must show, in words and in deeds their full faith in Islam.

2. All students must have faith in and respect for the Ideology of Pakistan.

3. All students must, in matters of religion, respect the convictions of others.

4. Every student is expected to:

i. be Loyal to Pakistan;

ii. obey the law of the Land as well as the Rules and Regulations of the University / College;

iii. Maintain Law and Order as well as the dignity and prestige of the Alma mater;

iv. Have respect for morality and personal honor and rights of others;

v. Practice honesty and integrity in dealings with fellow students, teachers and all others both on and off the Campus;

vi. Help in protecting the life dignity, honor and the property of the University/College and that of the Academic/ Administrative staff and fellow students;

vii. Respect teachers, all elders and persons in authority in the University/College;

viii. Be courteous and helpful to all;

ix. Work hard and co-operate in completing the course of study within the prescribed period; and

x. Endeavor to positively contribute towards creating an atmosphere conducive to healthy academic pursuits.