Affiliated Colleges

Name Code Programs
The Reader College Near New City Bhalwal Road, Bhera District Sargodha 721
  45. 721 The Reader College Near New City Bhalwal Road    Bhera District Sargodha New: ADP (Arts & Science)    ADP (Commerce)
M.Islam institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, PO box # 66 2km Toll Plaza Deewan Road Kamoki, Gujranwala. 681
  Ext: DPT
ILM College (Post Graduate) Gulshan-E-Iqbal Bypass Road Khan Pur District Rahim Yar Khan 700
  Ext: BS (Chemistry    Zoology    CS    IT)    MA (English)
Gulab Devi Educational Complex Gate No. 3 Gulab Devi Hospital, Ferozpur Road, Lahore 665
  Ext: BS (Zoology    Chemistry    Statistics    Psychology)
Gulab Devi Institute of Physiotherapy Gulab Devi Educational Complex Gate # 3 GDH Ferozepur Road, Lahore 495
  Ext: DPT
The Reader College Sargodha Bypass Road, KotMoman District Sargodha 662
  Ext: ADP (Arts & Science)    ADP (Commerce)
Rahim Yar Khan College of Technology Near Gharib Shah Bridge, By Pass Road, Rahim Yar Khan 528
  Ext: BS (Mechanical & Civil) Tech. BS Electrical Tech.
The Standard College of Commerce 3/530 Chamber of Commerce Road, Opposite Mission hospital, Sialkot. 181
  Ext: BS (English    Zoology    CS    IT    Physics)    M.Sc. (IT)
Lahore Institute for Social Sciences 91-Babar Block, New Garden Town, Lahore 382
  Ext: MA (Islamic Studies)
Pioneer Science College Gujrat Sargodha Bypass Opposite 155-Factory Area Sugar Mills Road, Bhalwal 519
  Ext: ADP (Arts & Science) MA (English)
ILM College Iftikhar Town By Pass Road, Jauharabad. 348
  Ext: ADP (Arts & Science)    ADP (Commerce)    MA (Physical Education)
Punjab College of Business Education 13-W, Peoples Colony, Khanewal. 287
  Ext: MA (Health & Physical Education)
Punjab College of Science, 3 KM Main Bhakkar Road, Kaloor Kot Distt, Bhakkar 517
  Subsitute with Same No. & Date Ext: ADP (Arts & Science)
The Reader College Sargodha Road, Bhagtanwala District Sargodha. 712
  Ext: ADP (Arts & Science) Add: BS (English    Mathematics    CS)
Multan Institute of Health Sciences Zaidi House, Green view Colony, Multan Public School, Bosan Road, Multan 468
  Ext: DPT