2nd International Conference Future Med 2019

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2nd International Conference Future Med 2019

The Second International conference was organized by the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Sargodha with the theme of “Medical Updates and innovations”.

The aim of the conference was to bring together Medical experts, researchers and senior faculty from abroad and across the country to discuss current challenges in the field of medical and health sciences. As the medical and health field is facing a wide range of challenges in clinical practices, and research related to diagnostics, patient health and community services. Hence, the conference looked at these challenges and advances to provide excellent health care to the patient and community fit in the new millennium.

Medical experts and research scientists from various disciplines across the world  including Manchester UK,  Aberdeen UK, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Sri Lanka shared their research studies,  expert opinions and ideas to disperse greater acquaintance of latest trends in the field of Medical and Allied Health Sciences. A large number of National speakers all over Pakistan also presented their research work, clinical case studies and diagnostic & treatment strategies.

The Chairperson Organizing Committee (Focal Person) Dr. Humaira Akram Principal Sargodha Medical College introduced the International and National Guest Speakers to the conference participants and stressed on the conference theme. She acknowledged the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, Pakistan for providing funds to conduct this international conference successfully and the Vice Chancellor, University of Sargodha for his support and guidance in organizing this international event.

Surgeon from Sri Lanka, Prof. Dr. Lamawansa, Ex. President, College of Surgeons Sri Lanka presented “Challenges in Pediatrics Kidney Transplantation”. He said that Kidney transplantation is the ultimate and successful treatment for failing Kidney. Due to newer advancement in science of transplantation, many lives are saved but the shortage of donors and economic condition remain the main challenges in the developing countries which need to be addressed at the state level. Dr. Nissanka Jayawardhana, President, College of Surgeons Sri Lanka from National Hospital Sri Lanka, addressed on the problem of carcinoma breast in a developing country.

A scientist from Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom Dr. Nessar Ahmed delivered a lecture on “Lead and Childhood Iron deficiency: From Liverpool to Karachi”. He said that childhood iron deficiency is a common nutritional problem worldwide causing neurological disorder in affected children. His study investigated the blood lead concentrations in children with different degrees of iron deficiency in Liverpool, UK and then in Karachi, Pakistan. His study concluded that lead levels were higher in Karachi population then in the Liverpool, UK population indicating increased environmental exposure to lead in Karachi, Pakistan.

Consultant Pediatrician from Royel Aberdeen Children’s Hospital, UK delivered a talk on “Ewing’s sarcoma – evolution of treatment and the current state of affairs in developing world”. A Consultant in Emergency Medicine from American Hospital Dubai, UAE, Dr. Mueed Ahmad delivered his talk on “Emergency Medicine Updates”. He said that emergency medicine is an extremely dynamic field of medicine in which we deal with all sorts of life threatening and major emergencies. He also said that in Pakistan CPSP recently started the residency programme for Emergency Medicine. There is an urgent need of organized, resourced and well-staffed Emergency departments all over Pakistan.

Gynecologist Prof. Dr. Shamsa Hamayun, Dean Surgery and Allied, Director Medical Education, Fatima Jinnah Medical University presented her talk on the rationale approach for the management of ovarian cyst.

Urologist from Islamabad Medical and Dental College, Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad presented his talk on the “Current Status and Challenges in the Management of Urolithiasis in Pakistan”. He said that we have to convert our challenges into opportunities remaining within our resources to provide standard care treatment to our patients with urolithiasis. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arshad Chohan, Gynaecologist from King Edward Medical University, Lahore presented the “Recurrent Pregnancy Loss”. He highlighted the challenges and problems faced by the pregnant women due to abortion. Prof. Dr. Anjum Jalal, Cardiac Surgeon / Executive Director, Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology presented his talk on the limitations and future directions in hybrid operations in cardiac surgery. Prof. Dr. Humayun Iqbal, Paediatrician from King Edward Medical University, Lahore addressed on the topic “Kangroo mother care; an overview”.

Prof. Dr. Ghias-Un-Nabi, Gastroenterologist from Ameer Ud Din Medical College, Project Director, Development of Hepatitis Clinics and GI Units in the Tertiary Healthcare Institutes presented the future trends in diagnosis and management of Hepatitis C. Dr. Shabnam Bashir, Hematologist / Project Director, Punjab Thalassemia Prevention Program talked on the prevention of beta thalassemia by extended family carrier screening. Prof. Dr. Khalil-Ur-Rahman, Biochemist from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad highlighted the role of medicinal plants as an alternative medicine in health care system.

A large numbers of International and National speakers presented their research findings and reports on clinical practices related to medical and health sciences disciplines during the conference for sharing their expertise with young faculty, medical and health sciences students, research scholars and the public, and had interactive sessions. Research ideas in various disciplines in collaboration with international speakers were discussed in detail.

This conference provided good exposure to medical and health sciences students and encouraged them to pursue their clinical practice and research in medical fields.

In concluding remarks, The Dean Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences Dr. Zahoor-ul-Hassan Dogar expressed that the conference provided a platform for current development in healthcare technologies and explored the impact of future trends in order to face the challenges in medical field and education in 21st Century for better health services. The conference will prove to be an inspiration for our forthcoming young professionals in medical and health sciences who are about to pick out their future course of specialization. He showed gratitude to all the guest speakers across the globe on their participation. He also paid thanks to the conference participants in making this event very informative, enjoyable and successful.