National Conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics kicked off at University of Sargodha

Published On: 29 Apr 2024


Sargodha, April 29, 2024. Two day National Conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics kicked off at University of Sargodha here on Monday. 
It is the 4th consecutive National conference being organized under the Department of Mathematics which includes 58 participants, 33 talks, plenary sessions, and parallel presentations on various topics.
Opening ceremony was graced by Vice Chancellor UoS, Prof. Dr. Qaisar Abbas, Prof. Dr. Amir Ali, Dean of Faculty of Sciences, and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abbas, Chairperson Department of Mathematics, distinguished national mathematicians, scholars, researchers, and a large number of students.
Prof. Dr. Qaisar Abbas highlighted the university's achievements in research and academic excellence, and expressed gratitude to the participants for being part of the conference, wishing them a fruitful and enriching experience.
He further said that such conferences provide a valuable opportunity for networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants.
Prof. Dr. Amir Ali emphasized the significance of mathematics in solving real-world problems and its impact on interdisciplinary research. This conference serves as a platform to explore the profound connections between pure mathematics and its real-world applications, he concluded.
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abbas said: “Such conferences provide a platform for fostering collaboration and exchanging ideas. He continued, "In today's rapidly evolving world, the role of mathematics in shaping our understanding of complex phenomena and driving technological advancements cannot be overstated. It is through platforms like this conference, we have the opportunity to push the frontiers of knowledge and chart new territories in mathematical research.”