Debating latest trends in Pure and Applied Mathematics

Published On: 22 Dec 2018


The Department of Mathematics organized the 4th International Conference on ‘Pure and Applied Mathematics’ to enhance the understanding of the targeted subject and to acquaint the mathematical community with the latest trends in mathematics.

The two-day conference, held on December 21-22, 2018 and funded by Higher Education Commission (HEC), provided a venue to academics, researchers, professionals and practitioners to share and discuss research findings, experiences, and practical issues with international eminent mathematicians.

The event also served the purpose of introducing Pakistani culture and society to the foreign delegates for improving the relationship between Pakistani mathematicians and their counterparts in other countries.

The conference was organized around three themes, including Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Computational Mathematics. Corresponding to these themes, the program of the conference was divided into four technical sessions, apart from opening and closing sessions.

During the technical sessions, 62 mathematicians from countries, including China, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Iraq and United Arab Emirates read out their research papers and shared ideas on the subject.

The international speakers recognized the quality of research papers presented at the conference and expressed gratitude for the hospitality rendered to them. They were of the view that such events introduced Pakistan very well to the global mathematical community.

Dr Lyoubomira Softova from the University of Salerno, Italy expressed her interest in collaborative research with the mathematicians of Sargodha University, saying that such conferences provide the researchers with the best platform to find collaborators for research.

Dr Erhan Set from Ordu University, Turkey informed the conference that he would explore the opportunity for publishing the conference proceedings in an ISI indexed journal.

A renowned academic figure of Iraq, Dr Nabeel Ezzulddin Arif shared his findings on 'Topological indices of certain edge-gluing graphs with some application' and enlightened the gathering that eccentricity connectivity, sum connectivity and forgotten indices were most popular topological indices and used in wide spectrum of application in graphs and chemical graph theory.

Dr Marjan Praljak from the University of Zagreb, Croatia shared his research paper on 'Positivity of Weighted Averages of Higher Order Convex Functions' and presented the results obtained by finding suitable representations of polynomial part and the error term in appropriate form.

Assistant professor from Huanghuai University, China, Dr Xiaomin Qi, presented his study on 'Support Vector Machine and Generalized Support Vector Machine for Data Classification'.

His research emphasized on new methods for data separation by using support vector and generalized support vector machine as a powerful tool for data classification.

Dr Muhammad Abbas, Chairman of the Mathematics Department, expressed that the event proved itself in advancing mathematical achievements and encouraging research. “It will also open new doors of exposures for our students and young researchers.”

It may be added here that the conference was a sequel of three international conferences which have been organized annually since 201 5 at University of Sargodha by the Department of Mathematics in collaboration with HEC.