Research Interests

  • laboratory methods for evaluation of feed value
  • influence of rumen degradable protein on rumen metabolism
  • kinetics of fibre degradation and passage
  • feeding strategies for dairy cows


  • Arif, M., Sarwar, M., Hayat, Z., & Younas, M. (2016). Effect of Supplementary Sodium Nitrate And Sulphur on Methane Production and Growth Rates in Sheep and Goats Fed Forage Based Diet Low In True Protein.?Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences,?26(1), 69-78.
  • Alagawany, M., Abd El-Hack, M. E., Arif, M., & Ashour, E. A. (2016). Individual and combined effects of crude protein, methionine, and probiotic levels on laying hen productive performance and nitrogen pollution in the manure. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 23(22), 22906-22913.
  • Arif, M., Abd El-Hack, M. E., Hayat, Z., Sohail, S. H., Saeed, M., & Alagawany, M. (2017). The beneficial uses of glycerin as an alternative energy source in poultry diets. World's Poultry Science Journal, 73(1), 136-144.
  • Abd El-Hack, M. E., Mahrose, K., Askar, A. A., Alagawany, M., Arif, M., Saeed, M., ... & Chaudhry, M. T. (2017). Single and combined impacts of vitamin A and selenium in diet on productive performance, egg quality, and some blood parameters of laying hens during hot season. Biological trace element research, 177(1), 169-179.
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