Dr. Sher Muhammad Shahzad has done PhD and M.Sc (Hons.) in Soil Science from Institute of Soil and Environmental Sciences,
University of Agriculture. Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Research Interests

  • Plant-Microbes Interactions under stress environment
  • Recycling and management of organic waste
  • Nutrients cycling in agro-ecosystem
  • biofertilizers
  • Soil carbon sequestration


  • Riaz, M., Yasmeen, T., Arif, M. S., Ashraf, M. A., Hussain, Q., Shahzad, S. M., ... & Fahad, S. (2019). Variations in morphological and physiological traits of wheat regulated by chromium species in long-term tannery effluent irrigated soils.?Chemosphere,?222, 891-903.
  • Arif, M. S., Riaz, M., Shahzad, S. M., Yasmeen, T., Ashraf, M., Siddique, M., ... & Buttler, A. (2018). Fresh and composted industrial sludge restore soil functions in surface soil of degraded agricultural land.?Science of the Total Environment,?619, 517-527.
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