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Title Date Download
Application form for research publications’ incentive for the year-2021 26-02-2022
Closing Date: 11-03-2022
Intellectual policy 04-01-2022 Download
Completion Documents for UOS-ORIC Funded Research Projects 2016-17 27-05-2021 Download
Call for Short Research Proposals related to COVID-19 04-03-2021 Download
Performa for Checking Similarity Index 04-12-2020 Download
Performa for HEC Evaluation 04-12-2020 Download
Progress and Financial Report for UOS ORIC-Funded Research Projects 2016-17 04-12-2020 Download
Requisition Form for Analysis in Instrumental Lab 04-12-2020 Download
Turnitin Account Form 04-12-2020 Download