Sargodha Literary Festival 2021 Goes Digital

Published On: 7 Apr 2021


In continuation of the legacy of reviving art, literature and history by engaging eminent literati every year to the Sargodha Literary Festival (SLF), the fourth edition of SLF'21 embraced digital media to broaden the literary horizon beyond the premises of the main campus and extended the intellectual space to the cybersphere. The three-day festival continued to quench the literary thirst of our inquisitive youth from April 7 to 9, 2021.

The fourth festival in a row had 14 interactive sessions in two parallel streams and featured 35 renowned scholars, authors, critics, historians, policymakers, journalists and artists to invigorate the virtual feast of literary ideas. All the sessions were live-streamed on the official Facebook of the university, 

The event commenced with the opening remarks of the Vice Chancellor Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad. While paying gratitude  to the  distinguished  panelists and appreciating the efforts of the organizing team, he shed light on the perceptive viewpoint of expanding youth's ability to study beyond the classroom and stimulate new ideas capable of instilling an erudite debate spirit.


“Universities must take the initiative to involve  students  in programmes  that promote the preservation of literature, history, beliefs, and heritage through the development of critical and technological skills.”

Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad

Vice Chancellor

Following the inauguration, Fayyaz Baqir, a globally acclaimed urban development practitioner and Professor of Development Practice at the University of Ottawa in Canada, delivered a keynote speech in Punjabi on 'Surt di Sui, Prem dy Dhaagy'. He urged the youth to promote Pakistan's diverse cultures and live in  harmony  by recognising  the  difference between truth and fiction. 


Sufism, as a self-control ideology, foreshadows suffering; it is a universal doctrine centred on tolerance and interfaith harmony. 

Fayyaz Baqir

Professor of Development Practice

University of Ottawa, Canada

Along with literary sessions and exhibitions, the festival culminated in the book launch of 'Rood-e-Rawan' on the history of the then Government College Sargodha and the keynote speech of the Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong on '70 years of Pak-China Diplomatic Relations' during the concluding session of 4th literary festival 2021. 


The idea conceived three years back in 2018, enthralled a larger audience this time as it outreached expectations and more than 775K people around the world experienced the festival digitally. Since its inception, the event has widened the intellectual space by bringing contemporary affairs of socio-cultural eminence into limelight that are essential in unifying the diversified segments of Pakistani pluralistic society. Every year, the festival offers a panoply of voices and a plethora of constructive ideas as a panacea to the prevalent crises.