Pursuit of Identity in a Multicultural Society

Published On: 7 Apr 2021


Panel underscores the significance of embracing cultural empathy and inclusivity for peace in a heterogeneous world

A literary discussion with venerable literati on 'Pursuit of Identity in a Multicultural Society' highlighted various aspects challenging the quest for identity in a pluralistic world during a virtual session held on April 7, 2021. 

The session explicated the role of literature in harnessing harmony for peaceful co-existence in a multicultural society and how an individual identity can be preserved while keeping integrity of others intact.  The experts developed consensus over the argument that multicultural societies should develop the spirit of mutual loyalty and solidarity to bring harmony and peace in the world. 



  • Subjective social inclusion allows diverse segments of any society to coexist and resolve the identity crisis embedded in multiculturalism. 
  • Rigid opinion of superior identity should be discouraged and replaced with multiple viewpoints through cultural integration 
  • Every  culture should  be  respected in  a multicultural  world by  understanding  and embracing cultural diversity with empathy.
  • Individual  identity in  a  multicultural society should not exclude or delegitimize the identity of any of the constituent communities.
  • During cultural hybridization, the distinctive features of every culture, including language especially local dialects and race, should be preserved and respected.



  • Najeeb Jamal, Professor of Urdu, Forman Christian College University, Lahore
  • Asghar Nadeem Syed, Playwright and Poet
  • Yousaf Khushk, Chairman, Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islamabad
  • Nasir Abbas Nayyer, Urdu Prose Writer, Critic and Scholar
  • Dr Amir Sohail, Professor of Urdu at Islamia University Bahawalpur