• World Food Day celebrated at Sargodha University
2019-10-16 00:00:00

World Food Day celebrated at Sargodha University

The United Nations World Food Day, annually observed on October 16, marked at Sargodha University (SU) on Wednesday with a seminar and walk highlighting the food insecurity, food wastage and calling for better agricultural practices and nourishment.

This year, World Food Day called for action across sectors to make healthy and sustainable diets affordable and accessible to everyone. At the same time, it also called on everyone to start thinking about what we eat adding that ‘Zero Hunger’ was not only about addressing hunger, but also nourishing people, by nurturing the planet.

The seminar focused on healthy food production as food is basic and fundamental human right. Yet, in a world of billions, over 820million people worldwide suffering chronic undernourishment, 60% women and almost five million children under the age of five die of malnutrition-related causes every day, the seminar observed.

Speakers stressed on establishing balanced and healthy food supply chain to meet food requirements of all segments of the society. In addition, it is essential to create awareness regarding quality food production and lessening the food wastage as zero waste will give us 1 billion tons extra food for future. It is also important to note that while millions go hungry, 672 million people suffer from obesity, and a further 1.3 billion are overweight but we can change this, speakers added.

Dr Javaid Aziz Awan, Country Director of Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America, Faisalabad sharing his thoughts on ‘Concept of Food Security in Islam’  informed the audience that during Ramadan around one-fifth/20% of the purchased or prepared finds its way to garbage bins or landfills. “In Muslim countries, hotels and restaurants are big contributor of food wastes during Ramadan due to super-lavish buffets and extravagant Iftar parties, he said adding that an amount of food waste generated in Ramadan is significantly higher than other months - as much as 25%.

Food Technologist, Tariq Sarwar Awan informed the seminar that Pakistan ranked at 107 on global hunger index, 43 % of Pakistanis are facing food insecurity, 18 % facing severe shortage of Food while we wasted 40% or 36 Million tons of Food every year. He stressed on lessening of food wastage as 25% less waste can grain us zero hunger which is not impossible.

Earlier, a walk was held on the eve of World Food Day which was led by the Director, Institute of Food Science and Nutrition, Dr Ajnum Murtaza. The walk started from Institute of Food Science and Nutrition Building and ended at Fawara Chowk of the University.