• Smooth transition from real time classrooms to virtual classrooms
2020-03-25 00:00:00

Smooth transition from real time classrooms to virtual classrooms

Smooth transition from real-time classrooms to virtual classrooms
In response to HEC policy on COVID-19 issued on March 13, immediate closure of on-campus teaching and establishing Learning Management System (LMS) in the campus for online teaching, despite no learning management system previously available, Sargodha University smoothly shifted all its academic activities to online mode on March 16. 
Without any delay, teaching departments utilized the best available option for conducting classes. While benefiting from the user-friendly nature of WhatsApp, the majority of the teaching departments shared teaching materials through readings and voice notes among the students and continued to take classes on WhatsApp as per schedule. However, the Noon business school, department of economics, and CS & IT discovered the ‘Zoom cloud meeting’ as the most efficient app for online teaching and started conducting online classes from March 16.  
To ensure uniformity around the campus and safeguard the academic loss of the students, an online meeting of all the deans, directors and chairs was held on March 19. After thorough deliberations, a unanimous decision was taken to utilize the ‘Zoom Cloud Meeting’ for online management of classes positively from March 24. To provide guidance and avoid any misconduct, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are devised and shared among all the students. 
“In an hour of demise, hope is still alive. We will continue our academic activities with no compromise on quality education with greater responsibility through online classes. The accountability mechanism is developed to ensure that classes would be held on time as per schedule. It is a great learning opportunity for us to explore new modes of pedagogy other than traditional teaching.”
Noman Yaser
In-charge/ Assistant Professor 
Communication and Media Studies

Zoom is web-conferencing software that allows synchronous class sessions, in which students can log in at a pre-scheduled time. The platform allows up to 100 people to meet online within 40 minutes for free.