• Message from  the Vice Chancellor
2020-03-26 00:00:00

Message from the Vice Chancellor

We are indeed living through challenging times, as coronavirus epidemic brings public life to a virtual halt in Pakistan. However, as we have learned from our preliminary steps amid this crisis regarding health, safety and e-learning at Sargodha University, we must take a challenge as an opportunity and then act decisively. 
Our foremost responsibility is to provide the students and researchers the best possible avenues for quality education and critical inquiry. Therefore, without wasting any time, we have managed to switch over to online mode of teaching and learning, and hence are implementing the teaching schedule of Spring semester well into early summer vacations without any break.   
Adding to it, we have done this strictly in line with the policy guidelines issued by both the HEC and PHEC. In testing times such as these, teachers must teach and students must study. Our task as administrators is to ensure that the learning process runs smoothly.  
Meanwhile, true to our institutional value of social responsibility, we have also taken due steps for the health and safety of our faculty and staff as well as the community at large. The start of Telemedicine Centre is a remarkable step in this regard. The public awareness campaign in local languages through our FM radio to contain the spread of Covid-19 adds to our outreach activities that are always intended for grassroots impact.  
We had not yet fully concluded both the Literary Festival and Sports Gala when the hell broke loose. Insha'Allah, the deadly virus will soon die its natural death and life at campus will resume with even bigger vigour and fanfare. Until then, we shall all take good care of ourselves and the people we care.

Ishtiaq Ahmad