PICS Maps Out Comprehensive Collaboration Plan for Mutual Engagement through Confucius Institute with China's Henan Normal University

Published On: 15 Dec 2020


To discuss the tangible issues of cooperation regarding the Confucius Institute (CI), an online meeting was held between the Henan Normal University (HNU) and Sargodha University on December 15. Pakistan Institute of China Studies (PICS) is overseeing and steering the university's collaborative ventures with Chinese institutions. The establishment of the CI has expedited mutually beneficial processes, especially for the educated youth. 

During the meeting, both sides expressed their gratitude for extending cooperation for the establishment of Confucius Institute at Sargodha University and discussed the mutual areas of cooperation to introduce, disseminate and reinforce the cultural knowledge and understanding of each other especially among the youth of both the countries. 

The Chinese side, represented by the Vice President Mr Li Xuezi of HNU appreciated the efforts of Sargodha University for consolidating logistical support by constructing a state-of-the-art center for housing the Confucius Institute besides an auditorium having the capacity to accommodate more than 1000 students and accommodation for the Chinese Director and teachers of CI at SU. HNU is also making concerted efforts for the development of CI that includes arranging financial support for the teachers and other related activities. 

Areas of Cooperation

  • Engage faculty members in academic research through exchange programs that will serve as a bridge between the two universities and the people of the two countries.
  • For joint research projects on areas of mutual interest and collaboration in agriculture, faculty members from both universities would be encouraged to interact with each other.
  • Strong research teams would be established under senior professors for specific subject areas, especially, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, environmental sciences and agriculture. They will have regular interaction online and devise ways to do virtual joint research projects.
  • For cooperation in teaching, HNU will provide online teaching to the CI students, while, faculty of other departments will deliver lectures, conduct workshops and offer short courses virtually.