CIEF Assures Cooperation for Deepening Bilateral Ties through Sustained Policies of Developing Confucius Institutes in Asia

Published On: 15 Dec 2020


Vice Chancellor Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad and Dr Fazal ur Rahman, Director Pakistan Institute of China Studies (PICS) participated in the virtual 2020 Asian Confucius Institute Forum jointly organized by the newly established China International Education Foundation which has replaced Hanban and the Beijing Normal University, on December 15. 

The forum themed on 'Collaboration and Innovation for an Extraordinary Future of Confucius Institutes' invited senior officials from the Foundation and other partner universities from China and Asian Confucius Institutes. In their keynote speeches Prof Zhou Zuoyu, Deputy Secretary-General of Chinese International Education Foundation and Vice President of Beijing Normal University and Professor Liu Li, Vice President of China International Education Foundation and President of Beijing Language and Culture University reassured the partner universities running Confucius Institutes of their continued support and further contributions to boost and sustain the development of Confucius Institutes. 

While appreciating the role of Confucius Institutes in bridging civilizational gaps among the Asian communities and creating a deeper understanding among the people through academic exchanges and joint research, Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad acknowledged that cooperation, developing friendly relations between China and foreign countries, promoting the development of multiculturalism in the world, and building a harmonious world are some of the major objectives of Confucius Institutes. 

With the establishment of the Confucius Institute at Sargodha University, new vistas of opportunities are opened for the students in terms of further studies in China, seeking better jobs and exploring avenues of business opportunities with China. 

Dr Fazal ur Rahman