Sargodha University issues degrees at private sub campuses

Published On: 4 Oct 2018


In compliance with judgment of the Lahore High Court, the University of Sargodha has started the process of issuing official transcripts/result cards to those students, who were registered at sub-campuses established under the public private partnership policy, in order to facilitate and secure the academic future of the students.

In this regard, the registered student would have to provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) or clearance certificate to the examination department of the University of Sargodha to get their official transcript/result card.

The NOC/clearance certificate must clearly mention that the student is duly registered with the University of Sargodha; is eligible as per the rules and regulations of the university to receive transcript/result card, has paid off all the dues and fee, and that the respective sub-campus has no objection over issuance of the transcript/result card to the student.

Upon submission of the NOC/clearance certificate, the university will immediately issue official transcript/result card to the student. In addition, the university has issued letters to the private sub-campuses to inform them about the matter.