PhD output increases fourfold in 2017 18 than last five years

Published On: 30 Jan 2019
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Total number of notified PhDs produced by Sargodha University has increased fourfold in 2017-18 as compared to the previous 5-year period (2012-16).

In 2017-18, the University notified 46 PhDs and completed evaluation of 22 PhD cases while the evaluations of 48 PhD cases are in process. On the other hand, the total number of notified PhDs during 2012-16 was just 52.

The increased production of qualified PhDs was a result of the pioneer reforms introduced by the University Administration to significantly contribute towards enhancing the quality of human resources in the country for economic and social development.

From the past two years, the University has been witnessing progress at every level owing to certain concrete steps taken by the Administration. It started financially assisting the senior faculty to travel abroad for developing global academic and research linkages with reputed international institutions through Office of the Research, Innovation and Commercialization from the University's own resources.

Consequently, the faculty and researchers started rapidly participating in international conferences and post-docs. The initiative not only helped creating a productive research environment at the campus but also built linkages between the local researcher and the international experts.

Moreover, the comprehensive revision of lists of foreign referees and local experts, regular meetings of Advanced Studies and Research Board, recruitment and rotation of staff, administrative efficiency and increased communication with foreign experts for the evaluation of PhD thesis also supported the increased production of PhDs.

Besides these initiatives and foreign collaborations, research funds awarded by Higher Education Commission, Higher Education Department, Punjab, Pakistan Science Foundation and Punjab Agricultural Research Board aided in producing the increased number of PhDs at the University.

It's worth mentioning that the PhD output by the universities, is seen as a source of scientific and technological innovation, high-level skills production, a driver of job creation and thus of economic growth and of greater social well-being