University Sports Gala 2018 was Organized to Provide the Students a Platform to Develop their Leadership and Social Skills

Published On: 27 Mar 2018


University Sports Gala 2018 was organized to provide the students a platform to develop their leadership and social skills and to train their minds and bodies so that they could be able to lead physically fit and comfortable lives. The Gala brought the young people together and allowed them to apply their administrative, creative, planning and executive skills so that they could expand their influence and promote themselves across community.

Students contested for the pride of their departments and self-determination in various sports including mind-games, e-gaming, social games, creativity, sports and adventure sports, technical and literary as well.

The administration had given students the leading role in organization of the Gala. For a total of 24 competitions held under the management of 150 students of different departments and 20 teachers for the coordination and supervision. More than thousand students took apart in these contests. Releasing of sky lanterns into air was also organized under the social category in which 300 students released lanterns while thousand others enjoyed this festive moment as spectators.