Academic Council revises semester, admission rules to enhance quality

Published On: 8 Jan 2019
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The University of Sargodha has revised semester and admission regulations to bring them on par with the prevailing regulations in national universities as per the guidelines and recommendations of Higher Education Commission.

The revised regulations have been recommended by the Academic Council in its meeting held on January 8, 2019, which shall be finally placed before the upcoming Syndicate meeting for approval. These regulations will be applicable to the admitted students of Fall-2019-20 and onward.

The Directorate of Academics had reviewed the existing undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate semester regulations first approved in 2009 and 2008 respectively and later on upgraded in 2015.

“A large number of gray areas were observed even after upgradation. The leave policy, semester freeze and fee issues, probation or drop out policy, migration or credit hour transfer policy etc. were not clear in both semester regulations,” says Dr Rauf Raza, the Director Academics.

He informed that the revision process is part of the agenda of wide-ranging academic and administrative reforms initiated by the University Administration to enhance quality teaching, productive research, knowledge sharing and global outlook of the University.

In the revised semester regulations, only one grading table for both term and semester system and faculties has been formulated while the slab grading system has been replaced by absolute grading system by providing grade points to each percentage, from 40 to 80 percent.

The pass marks for each course shall be 40 percent for term system and it shall be applicable to affiliated government and private colleges as well. For semester systems, pass marks for each course shall be 50 percent which will be applicable to all programs of main, Mianwali and Bhakar campuses.

The basic eligibility criteria of a few u n d e rg r a d u a t e , g r a d u a t e a n d postgraduate programs have been revised for Fall-2019 admissions. The reserve seats for regular programs were reviewed by the Admission Committee of the University and following inclusion have been made to existing reserve quota by following the recommendations of Academic Council.

  • Two reserve seats for each teaching and non-teaching staff for regular programs at sub-campus Mianwali and Bhakar.
  • Five percent seats reserved for Lawyer's children in 5-year LLB program.
  • One seat per province for Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhaw and Balochistan instead of one seat of other provinces on reciprocal basis.
  • Five seats for e-gaming, which shall be applicable to all programs where sports quota is applicable.

All changes in rules incorporated in revised regulations are recommended by HEC, Academic Council and the University Syndicate.