4 year programs to address malnutrition, empower women

Published On: 8 Jan 2019
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Realizing the importance of human nutrition in daily life and emergencies like earthquake, drought, famine and man-made disasters, the University of Sargodha decided to launch HEC-recognized 4-year BSc (Hons) program in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at Institute of Food Science and Nutrition from the next academic year.

The purpose is to address the increasing prevalence of malnutrition in the country which is primarily attributed to poverty, high illiteracy among the mothers, food and nutritional insecurity and lack of progressive research to devise local solutions to restraint this situation.

The Institute is also launching 4-year degree program i.e. BSc (Hons) Home Economics to groom female students and prepare them for competing internationally with poise and confidence.

Dr Anjum, Director Institute of Food Science and Nutrition says, “Since women are a significant part of human capital base and without their powerful and competent efforts, no society can move forward, the Institute takes pride as the pioneer institutes of the region to deliver its best in empowering and strengthening the women.”

With the combination of experienced and young faculty, the Institute aims to open new vistas of Home Economics through Gender Studies, Women Empowerment and Consumer Behavior and Community Services, he adds.