• American Political Scholar calls on China to play its part for peace in South Asia
2019-03-25 00:00:00

American Political Scholar calls on China to play its part for peace in South Asia

China must use its influence to restrain nuclear armed countries from war and to play leading role for de-escalation of tensions and resolutions of all disputes through dialogue in South Asia. This was stated by Dr Ryan Brasher, renowned American Political Scientist and analyst.

He was addressing the students on March 25, 2019, Monday at University of Sargodha in an interactive session titled ‘Media and Regional Peace: Myths vs. Reality.’

The session, organized by the Department of Communication and Media Studies aimed at stimulating critical and analytical thinking among the students and to impart knowledge about regional politics and the role of media.

The lecture was attended by Dr Mudassar Hussain, Incharge Media Studies Department, Dr Muhammad Azam, Incharge, School of Politics and International Relations, Noman Yaser and Abdul Rehman Qaiser, Assistant Professors of Media Studies, faculty members and number of students from Department of Media Studies and Social Sciences.

Dr Brasher expressed that the increased Chinese economic investment in South Asian countries has elevated its role in handling tensions between the nuclear armed Pakistan and India to maintain peace in the region and to save their own investment as well.

However, a peaceful and stable South Asia is a necessary prerequisite for trade that extends China’s economic reach by enabling the selling of goods and services into Central Asia and Europe, he added.

The talk evoked a number of questions from the participants. Responding to a question raised by Ibn-e-Nawaz about the Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand, Dr Brasher said that New Zealand is a peaceful country and the white supremacist terrorist attack on mosques has shocked the world but Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister and the New Zealand must have been widely praised for the outpouring of empathy and unity and their response to the attacks.

Roshani Arshad, a student of Media Studies, raised a question about portraying Muslims as terrorists by the international media, he replied: "Terrorism knows no religion, no borders, while it has very real effects on the stability of countries and threatened the security of entire world. The phenomenon of terrorist fighters and the massive use of the Internet and social media for connecting, recruiting, financing or calling for action have added a new dimension to the threat.”

In response to a question regarding American withdrawal from Afghanistan, he stated that all stake holders must have to think differently like introducing democratic parliamentary system in Afghanistan in order to decentralize the power from Centre to Provinces.

Tehreem Fatima, a student of BS Media Studies questioned about why the South Asia has become hub of conflicts and what the reasons behind this? Dr Brasher replied by quoting the Hans Morgenthau that being academia and the students of political science our job is to uncover the truth and the job of society and the government is to hide that truth but we must keep trying to uncover the truth as it become sometimes difficult and impossible.

It may be added that Dr Ryan Brasher is member of American Political Science Association, International Political Science Association, and the Chairman of Political Science Department, Forman Christian College, Lahore.