• CDC organizes 3 day training program for interns to impart professional skills
2019-02-02 06:00:00

CDC organizes 3 day training program for interns to impart professional skills

The Career Development Center of the Sargodha University organized three-day training program on February 02, 2019 to enlighten youth about their core competencies related to leadership, functional and career.

The event aimed at providing a framework for the continuous development and improvement of individual and team performance to work better in the market.

 The program was designed for the interns of the University to provide the depth of understanding of competency definition, leadership, assessment and development.

During the program, students were imparted the knowledge to enhance self-branding skills including professional behaviors, flexibility, personal and professional integrity, empathy and team work.

About 50 interns participated in three-day training workshop in order to shape their lives and to set the path of self-discovery, self-actualization, and individuality.

The program was consisted of several interactive activities including lecture series, video screening, business stimulation games, role-plays and manual writing. It focused on time management, SWOT analysis, goals setting, communication techniques and barriers, Leadership skills, Presentation skills, emotions management, fear control and social skills.

Renowned trainers from private sector including Babar Abbas, Taieed Zahra and Masroor Hassan led the program. The trainers shared their life experiences and emphasized on ample opportunities to develop skills profile in a whole range of areas that will prove invaluable to enter employment.

Addressing the interns, Babar Abbas said, ‘Success is measured not just by ‘what we do’ but also ‘how we do it’. Having the knowledge, skills, experience and behaviors to do our job well is a key part of contributing to that success he added.

Maryam Gul, Incharge CDC said that the Competency program was designed to enhance the proficiency of interns required to perform job roles by identifying their skills and bridging the gaps.   She added that such programs are the pulse of the improvement by analyzing the professional profiles and providing the constructive feedback to improve the professional skills.