Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the most diverse engineering fields available, embracing many subfields and affecting all aspects of our lives.Mechanical engineers work on new machines, products and processes that hold the promise of better lives for all of us. They are concerned with both technological and economic aspects in the design, development and use of their products.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in September 2013. Since then, it has been offering BSc and MSc as morning programs containing course work along with final year projects. The Department is providing vibrant environment for studies, having qualified faculty and strong links to industry, with a vision to provide a modern world-class technical education in the age of urbanization and upward social mobility. The applications of mechanical engineering are quite diverse, including spacecraft, automobiles, energy and propulsion systems, machinery, manufacturing and materials processing.

The program continues to expand with the acceleration of technological development and mechanical engineers are engaged more and more in activities involving interaction with other disciplines. Mechanical engineers have bulk opportunities of employment within the country that is fast urbanizing. This program is running keeping in view the guidelines provided by the HEC/PEC.

The department aims to provide the students, fundamental mechanical engineering knowledge, skills and professional experience by imparting high quality education so that they may participate in industry and academics actively.

Mechanical Engineering Program Educational Objectives:
Following four program educational objectives (PEOs), form the basis of BSc Mechanical Engineering program.

PEO 1: Have strong competence in mechanical engineering resulting in successful careers.
PEO 2: Pursuing research and innovation and be able to provide technical solutions for engineering industry problems.
PEO 3: Leading or participating in efforts to address socio economic and technical challenges.
PEO 4: Enhancing their professional development and technical capability through continuing education.

Engr. Dr Ghulam Yasin Chohan
Professor / Chairperson