Dr. Naila Farooq has done PhD and M.Sc.(Hons) in Soil Science from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Research Interests

  • Soil fertility and Plant nutrition
  • Organic amendments and Nutrient acquisition
  • Soil physical health
  • wet/dry cycling


  • Farooq, N., Iqbal, M., Farooq, M., & Zahir, Z. A. (2019). Interactive Effects of Synthetic Fertilizer and Organic Residue Inputs on Soil Fertility and Wheat Crop under Various Moisture Regimes.?International Journal of Agriculture and Biology,?21(1), 244-250.
  • Allelopathy for Weed Control Co-Evolution of Secondary Metabolites, Reference Series in Phytochemistry.Springer Nature Switzerland, ((2019))
  • Farooq, N., Iqbal, M., Zahir, Z. A., & Farooq, M. (2018). Integration of Allelopathic Crop Residues and NPK Fertilizer to Mitigate Residue-Phytotoxicity, Improve Soil Fertility and Wheat Growth under Different Moisture Conditions.?Planta Daninha,?36.
  • Naila, F., Shamsa, K., Allah, D., Azhar, H., Muhammad, N., Jamshaid, M. U., & Muhammad, I. (2018). Comparative efficacy of KCl blended composts and sole application of KCl or K2SO4 in improving K nutrition, photosynthetic capacity and growth of maize.?Soil and Environment,?37(1), 68-74.
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