Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering is the spine of any nation, as the civil engineers build the infrastructure of the nation. The Department of Civil Engineering (DCE) is one of three departments at the College of Engineering & Technology (CET), UOS. In 2014, with an approval from Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Bachelor of Sciences (BS) in Civil Engineering program started w. e. f. Fall Semester in September 2014. Currently, the curriculum is based on the Outcome-based Education (OBE), which is in line with the requirements of PEC and Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. A team of dedicated faculty and staff members (many holding MS from the renowned national and international Universities) teach and train the best mind of the area.


Mission of Department of Civil Engineering, UOS is:
“To provide an educational, professional and intellectual environment for students, faculty, alumni and staff that enables them to contribute to society through teaching, research practice and services”.


As per recommendation of the Industrial advisory Board (IAB) Civil Engineering program has following objectives:
PEO1: Apply the knowledge to investigate, analyze, design and solve the real world complex problems in the area of Civil Engineering
PEO2: Demonstrate the effective communication in multidisciplinary environment
PEO3: Enhance the skills by learning the modern tool and techniques
PEO4: Make ethical decisions at individual, team and project level by considering the social and environmental concerns.

Dr. Malik Muneeb Abid
Assistant Professor / Incharge