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Career Development Center



University of Sargodha believes in providing its students with best opportunities of learning and grooming. Every student has different intellectual and academic needs. Career Development Center (CDC) is designed to work on intellectual needs of the students. CDC aim to enhance the experience of the students at University of Sargodha.

We believe in academic and professional success of our students. We nurture their skills which polish them in their academic, social and professional lives.  Career Development Center will offer its serves to students of University of Sargodha on equal opportunity basis.

Actively involving students and alumni of the UOS in the process of exploring and developing their balanced personalities  and career, which will  lead to positive impacts on the community where they live and on the global workforce in long-term.

Facilitate enrolled students and alumni of the University of Sargodha in finding their potentials and interests,  and  developing their career path accordingly  by fostering the environment of creativity, innovation, critical thinking and decision making in students.


Our objectives include to:

  1. Empower students and alumni to take responsibility of their career development.
  2. Provide students with learning opportunities to explore their hidden talents, potentials and polish their leadership skills.
  3. Coordinate with faculty members to integrate the academic experience with workplace.
  4. Work on soft skills and intellectual needs of the student.
  5. Engage students in a wide range of activities and workshops beyond traditional classrooms.
  6. Cultivate external links to expose students with diverse available opportunities of learning and capacity building.
  7. To build community of responsible citizens.
  8. Make global interaction and exposure to students through technology.
  9. Provide assistance to alumni in job search and professional trainings.
  10. Serve as a development resource for students, alumni and staff.
  11. Arrange events related to job, capacity building, and scholarship applications.


Career Development Center UoS has goals to

  1. Enable students to possess with strong resume and cover letter.
  2. Engage students in experiential process of learning
  3. Provide trainings so that they can search jobs and other opportunities through traditional and non-traditional search engines.
  4. Promote professionalism, critical thinking, decision making, time management, task prioritization and leadership.
  5. Facilitate students in selecting their potential majors and careers.