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Controller of Examinations


Effective evaluation and assessment of student’s performance is a key component of University education. The office of Controller of Examinations is offering transparent and reliable examination system for the students of University, its affiliated Colleges as well as external candidates. Our aim is to provide best possible services to the students without compromising the standard and sanctity of examinations. The fact that almost 1,50,000 students appear every year in various examinations is a reflection of efficiency and transparency of examination system of University of Sargodha. Our next goal is complete automation of the system to further expedite the tasks of timely conduct of exams and declaration of result besides ensuring accuracy and security of data.
Dr. Muhammad Bashir                                         
Controller of Examinations                              
Phone. +048-9230729                                  
Fax.  +048-9230728                                        
Mr. Muhammad Navid Asif
PA to Controller of Examinations
Phone. +048-9230729/ +048-9230811- 14          
Ext. 571

Controller of Examinations